Established for more than 30 years we provide a wide range of embroidery services to customers across the UK, here is just a section of companys we have been proud to work with.

Bentley Motors

We have been working with luxury car company, Bentley Motors for almost eight years.

As a thank you to new customers, Bentley Motors wanted to be able to give them bespoke Christmas presents in the form of an embroidered blanket that would sit in the car’s blanket box.

Due to the intricacy of the embroidery, the complexity of the design (which was?) and the nature of the cashmere material, it was a very difficult job for us to get right.

Nonetheless using our technology we were able to produce the detailed embroidered cashmere blankets to a very high standard. Bentley Motors were delighted to have been able to give their customers such a high quality present and they themselves received very positive feedback as a result.

Kelly's of Cornwall

Personalised Logos has worked with Kelly’s of Cornwall, a large ice cream manufacturer who supply to both Cadbury’s and Nestle for four years.

It was our ability to work quickly and accurately within very tight time constraints that appealed to Kelly’s of Cornwall when they appointed us.

We were able to embroider over 4,000 garments in only three weeks. The garments included all staff uniforms including those in the factory, engineers, delivery drivers and those in the canteen.

We were able to provide Kelly’s of Cornwall with impeccable service - very high quality embroidered hand packed uniforms, delivered on time and on budget.

Commissioned Embroidery

In addition to bespoke work undertaken for individual clients, we have for many years provided commissioned embroidery for a number of businesses. These include utility companies, laundry companies and a large Yorkshire based sports shop.

We work with these businesses on an ongoing basis to provide over 500 garments a week for each company all of whom need a fast and accurate response. We delight in providing a speedy and reliable service to these clients making sure that we always pay attention to detail and deliver on time.

J & C Joel Ltd

We have worked with J & C Joel, a leading manufacturer of fabric and flooring for the entertainment industry for over 14 years. It is a very successful business with branches worldwide.

We have traditionally undertaken all of the embroidery of logos and designs for all of their staff uniforms as well as for customized products for the entertainment industry.

The client has been very impressed and satisfied with our high standard of workmanship which has kept them coming back again and again.

Such has been the caliber of our embroidery we were asked by J & C Joel to reproduce their logo onto bespoke air conditioning unit covers that were used in the 2012 London Olympics. We were able to precisely embroider the logo onto each cover and within the quite tight timescales that had been set.

Local Business

For us no client is too big or too small. We are delighted that we are able to work with big nationwide companies and also smaller local businesses. It is important to us that we can work with enterprises in our local community.

Over the past 14 years we have supplied embroidery for uniforms and leisure garments for a large number of local companies including Syhiba restaurant, Jones TV, The Works, The Puzzle Hall Inn, Simprint, Hatfields, Mother Hubbards.

We also supply a number of Yorkshire based sports clubs including, Diamonds Gymnastics, Old Brodlians, The Queens Squash Club, Old Crossleyans, Halifax Acrobatics, Heath RLFC and Sowerby United FC.

We know we must be getting it right as many of these businesses come back to us time and time again. They trust us to give them a fantastic level of service and to provide high quality work on their behalves.

Wilmott Dixon

We have worked with Wilmott Dixon, a large nationwide building company for over five years. A very successful and expanding company, it has been fantastic for us to be a part of this business and we have grown with them.

As a busy building company, Wilmott Dixon has a large ongoing requirement for workwear – usually over 500 garments per week.

We work with the business to supply them with embroidered workwear for maintenance contractors, electricians, builders, plumbers and roofers.

It is a high volume and intense account but we are able to provide them with quality, embroidered workwear which is why they come back to us again and again.